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Birželio 27 d. Posterių sesija I

Lina Aitmanaitė Complex relationships between yeast totiviruses
Julija Armalytė Resistance to antibiotics of culturable soil bacteria and whole soil from ecological and intense farming sites
Dalė Baranauskienė Factors influencing the reliability and preciseness of trace elements ICP-MS analysis in biological material
Kotryna Čekuolytė Geobacillus spp. induced biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using and their antimicrobial activities
Enrika Celitan β-Carotene loaded three-component particles: preparation and stability
Kristina Daniūnaitė Liquid biopsy-based DNA methylation biomarkers of prostate cancer
Marija Ger Comprehensive proteomic analysis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Diana Ikasalaitė DNA N-glycosylase and TET activity with 5-alkylcytosines
Jevgenija Jakubovska Cleavage of N4-acetyl-cytidine-modified DNA by type II restriction endonucleases
Lina Kačenauskaitė Generation of carbonic anhydrase IX knockout cancer cell lines using CRISPR/Cas9 system
Monika Kisieliūtė Antimicrobial peptide from Pediococcus acidilactici JEM-1
Raimonda Kubiliūtė Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling in clear cell renal carcinoma
Edita Kuncevičienė The association between miR-328 expression of whole blood and myopia
Mindaugas Lesanavičius Electron transfer reactions of Plasmodium falciparum ferredoxin-NADP(+) reductase with nonphysiological oxidants
Juliana Lukša Global gene expression change during Totiviridae dsRNA viruses infection in Saccahromyces cerevisiae
Veslava Matikeviciene optimization of media components for production of bacteriocin-like peptide by Staphylococcus xylosus
Vytautas Melvydas Antimicrobial activity of red pulcherrimin-producing Metschnikowia spp. against Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Valeryia Mikalayeva The impact of C1q on Wnt pathway and PPAR-δ activation related to breast cancer cell viability
Raminta Mineikaitė The landscape of small non-coding RNAs in probiotic lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus casei
Giedrė Paužaitė Changes in germination, seedling growth, phytohormone content and proteome induced in Helianthus annuus by pre-sowing seed treatment with stressors
Ilva Pole Isoniazid resistant tuberculosis in Latvia
Vilmantas Pupkis Effect of blockers on ion channels in the tonoplast of Nitellopsis obtusa investigated using patch clamp technique
Ilona Sadauskienė Influence of buckwheat leaves and blossom extracts on some antioxidant enzymes activities in mice brain
Ieva Sarapinienė The role of Rab14 in HeLa cell division and invasiveness
Mantas Šilkūnas Vitamin C & Vitamin K3 system: cell media adaptation and cytotoxicity in normoxia and hypoxia in vitro.
Giedrė Šilkūnienė Brain and liver mitochondria response to hyperthermia: changes in respiration system and enzymes activities
Eugenijus Šimoliūnas Characterization of Pantoea sp. infecting broad-temperature range siphovirus vB_PagS_MED16
Monika Šimoliūnienė Identification of hypermodified nucleotides in the genomic DNA of bacterial viruses
Aliona Špakova Construction and characterization of self-assembling bacteriophage-like particles in yeast
Kristina Stuopelytė Clinical utility of blood-circulating androgen receptor variants in castration-resistant prostate cancer patients
Darius Šulskis Protein dynamics governing the function of the DegP serine protease-chaperone
Lukas Valančauskas Enzymatic synthesis of AdoMet analogues
Benjaminas Valiauga Mechanism of two(four)-electron reduction of nitroaromatics by oxygen-insensitive nitroreductases: the role of a non-enzymatic reduction step
Gintautas Vasauskas Transcriptomic analysis of human glioblastoma u87 cells in monolayer and multi-cellular spheroid cell culture models
Iglė Vepštaitė-Monstavičė Overcoming antimicrobial resistance in bacteria using bioactive magnetic nanoparticles, high pulsed electric and electromagnetic fields
Karlis Vilks Elevated acylcarnitine levels induce insulin insensitivity by decreasing phosphorylation of insulin receptor β and downstream signalling
Aida Vitkevičienė Oxidative phosphorylation activity changes in treatment resistant acute myeloid leukemia
Aistė Zentelytė Characteristics and differentiation profiles of human stem cells isolated from amniotic fluid of healthy and pathological pregnancies
Mantas Žiaunys Emergence of visible light optical properties of phenylalanine aggregates
Rasa Žūkienė The role of protein corona and ion dissociation in cytotoxicity mechanism of zinc oxide nanoparticles
Gediminas Žvinys Synthesis of pyrimidines bearing hydroxamic acid and 1,2,3-triazole moieties as potential inhibitors of histone deacetylase

Birželio 28 d. Posterių sesija II

Inga Andriulė Determination of TRPM7 expression in cardiomyocytes of ischemic cardiomyopathy patients
Rūta Budreckienė Potential stress markers in cat’s urine
Aistė Bulavaitė The activity of Gardnerella vaginalis recombinant sialidases
Rimgailė Degutytė Chemical composition of essential oils of some aromatic and spice plants
Laima Degutytė-Fomins Hyperthermia enhances sensitivity of Ovcar-3 cells to cisplatin
Monika Gasiūnienė Investigation of TGF-β1 and Angiotensin II as potential cardiomyogenic differentiation inducers of human amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cells
Gintarė Gervaitytė The Role of Calcium in the Infection of Lactococcus lactis with C2 and Sk1 Phages
Ieva Jurkšaitė The role of connexin 43 in myogenic lineage-differentiated muscle-derived stem cell apoptosis regulation
Žana Kapustina Next-generation Escherichia coli strains
Artūras Kašauskas Toxicity of cadmium and effect of Acanthopanax senticosus extract on amount of immune response cells in mice spleen
Arūnas Krikštaponis Biodegradation of 7-hydroxycoumarin in Pseudomonas mandelii 7HK4
Indre Kucinskaite-Kodze Immunogenicity and functional activity of recombinant pneumolysin
Neringa Kuliešienė Monitoring of energy-dependent efflux in Candida albicans
Lolita Kuršvietienė Evaluation of the composition of phenolic compounds in Elsholtzia ciliata
Viktorija Mėlinytė The relationship between platelet activity and cortisol and BNP concentrations in the blood of patients with chronic heart failure (CHF)
Algirdas Mikalkėnas DNA polymerase inhibition with derivatives of pyrophosphoric acid analogues in vitro
Zita Naučienė Buckwheat seed treatment with electromagnetic field and cold plasma accelerates seedling growth and induces changes in radical scavenging activity of leaf extracts
Lina Pakalniškytė Effect of preparation Humate Gel AG ethylene on the production of winter wheat
Vytautas Rafanavičius Pressure stability of HSP90 N-terminal domain: insights from molecular dynamics simulations
Lina Ragelienė Impact of BaSO4 Particles on the viability of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
Ieva Rinkūnaitė Ankrd1 kinetics in dilated hearts
Sandra Sakalauskaitė The eficiency of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria efflux pumps
Elena Servienė Metataxonomic analysis of berries-associated microorganisms
Egidijus Šimoliūnas Influence of co-culture on cell proliferation, migration and cytokine expression
Daina Skiriutė Identification of serum based diagnostic and prognostic protein sets in astrocytoma patients
Gediminas Skvarnavicius Fluorescent pressure shift assay – a method to investigate volumetric properties of protein-ligand interaction
Joana Smirnovienė Picomolar inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase: importance of inhibition and binding assays
Živilė Strazdaitė-Žielienė Morphological and molecular identification of eight Sarcocystis species from sika deer (Cervus nippon) in Lithuania
Aurimas Stulpinas Different cell death modalities in normal and cancer cells
Simona Sutkuvienė Synthesis of carbazole and diphenylamine-based derivatives as potential efflux pump inhibitors
Lauryna Monika Svirskaitė Formulation and characterisation of effervescent tablets with ginger root extract and naturally-derived excipients
Mindaugas Tamošiūnas Improved photodynamic inactivation of microorganisms by protoporphyrin IX photoproducts
Tarvi Teder Differences in the substrate binding between highly identical catalase-related fatty acid hydroperoxide-metabolizing enzymes
Lidija Truncaitė Interaction of bacteriophage vB_EcoM_Alf5 (Alf5) tail fiber proteins with bacterial Hosts
Augustė Tvardauskaitė Ectoine and hydroxyectoine interaction with mink growth hormone as a model protein
Violeta Vaitkevičienė A methodological approach to investigate an effect of heavy metal speciation on biosorption process using biomass and universal buffer: thermodynamic database creation and modeling
Paulina Vaitkienė Relationship between quality of functioning and miR34a expression level in glioblastoma
Skaistė Valinskytė Platinum II Taq Hot-Start DNA Polymerase: PCR simplified with universal annealing
Eimantas Žitkus Optimization of fermentation conditions for recombinant human BiP production in yeast Pichia pastoris.
Kristina Žukauskaitė Promoter methylation analysis of tumor suppressor genes in prostate cancer tissue and urine
Vytautė Žukauskaitė The correlation between complete blood count, CRP, platelet activity and NYHA class in chronic heart failure patients
Gintautas Žvirblis Production of recombinant house dust mite allergen fused to maltose-binding protein