Key speakers

Prof Gerhard Klebe

Professor Gerhard Klebe

Topic of lecture: National lecture of the XIV Conference of the Lithuanian Biochemical Society 

Prof Adriano Aguzzi

Professor Adriano Aguzzi

Focuses on prion diseases, epidemiology, prion function and treatment (more…)

Prof. John Ladbury

Professor John Ladbury

Focuses on mechanistic basis of pathological signal transduction (more…)

Professor Ludmilla A. Morozova-Roche

Professor Ludmilla A Morozova-Roche

Focuses on the amyloid self-assembly processes that cause neurodegenerative illnesses (more…)

Martin Vabulas

Doctor Martin Vabulas

Focuses on protein aggregation, protein stability in cancer (more…)

Prof Mathias Ziegler

 Professor Mathias Ziegler

Focuses on compartmentalization of NAD (more…)